Quad Wheel With Suspension!

Anyone seen these yet?!

Looool! I’m really not sure what I think about these… They’re either genius or awful! :rofl::rofl:


@LunarKim what’s your thoughts!!



Damn there goes what I thought was my unique idea for truck suspension inspired by the Baja board :frowning:

Haha they’re using bushings as wheel spacers :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems to be comfortable. I’d love to test that thing.

It is a more wonderful item than mine. However, I feel it is enough shock reduction effect alone.

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Buy some… :+1:

so what would cause the shock to compress laterally… :thinking: i dont quite understand what they do…

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I thought I was just missing it, I can see the point :smile:

Well, if you think about where the weight would be, when you hit a bump with the front wheel, the rear wheel would still be firmly planted in the ground, and therefore the front wheel would pivot towards the back one, causing the shock to compress. So instead of it being an upwards force towards the deck, it would be a rearwards force…

Think about it, if you jumped on the deck whilst stationary what would happen to the shock?

I’m not saying it’s good or bad, I’m just clarifying the mechanics…


I see the potential but steel tempered springs don’t compress fast enough for that? At least that’s my understanding, I don’t have any practical experience with springs that small.

The only real limit to how fast a spring can compress is how much force is applied. How fast they rebound, however, is another question.

Either way, it’s gotta have some benefit.

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Really, I understood that the tempering process slowed the release if energy that allows compression to take place? Like I said I have no practical experience, the smallest I’ve ever used is for Jeep suspensions. The largest for hurricane proof buildings. I’m sure the principal’s don’t apply evenly.

did anyone else notice the double and triple stacks of bearings they are also using as bushings? as well as the extra bearings on the axles?

I count 27 bearings in all :joy: :rofl:

springs on there own if they are strong enough to work will be bouncy in my experience. try and find a mountain bike or motorcycle or car shock that only uses a spring? the only device out there that does is called a pogo stick!


Are the shocks from RC cars? Wonder how they would do on ATB trucks

The funniest part of the whole thing is that they are using 24+ bearings and the suspension itself is just rubbing/riding on the [hanger] axle with no bearing at all :rofl:

the question is will three bearings on one wheel make it faster than 2? :joy:


You got to admire the entire crazy Ivan philosophy behind it

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