Quality truck with bad deck vs Good looking deck with unbranded trucks


I will start building very soon. Trucks were last piece I just ordered. I am thinking about cancelling that order. Because I found a complete longboard with very close price to what I am paying for 2 trucks.

Which of following options are better? I will be using only the deck and trucks of the complete board.

1 - Caliber 50 Raw 180mm trucks with my cheap shitty skateboard deck cut to fit this trucks and wheels. 2 - %60 discount on local store : This complete longboard with unknown brand trucks. All these 3 are on %50-60 discount locally, very close price to price of 2 Caliber trucks. http://www.nakedskatelife.com/shop/naked-chicago-6423p.html http://www.nakedskatelife.com/shop/naked-dubai-bamboo-6427p.html http://www.nakedskatelife.com/shop/naked-los-angeles-6421p.html

I got wheels, bearings, motors and all from Alien Power Systems. So low quality of wheels/bearings on 2nd option does not matter. But I am concern about quality of trucks.

What do you think? Please let me know as soon as possible, so I can cancel the order for trucks.

Website doesn’t work. Get Calibers. They are the best and easiest to use for motor mounts unless you are using a welder for circular trucks? Are you going hub drive or belt?

Sorry, I fixed the link now.

I am using APS 3.2w 240kv 63mm motors with APS 83mm flywheels.

Which mount are you using? If it is made for calibers then get calibers.

I will 3d print my own motor mounts. I am good with 3d solid model design. Mount part won’t be an issue.

Caliber would be easiest. 3d printed mounts will break super quickly. Best to get them milled.

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Do you think it is good idea to cut skateboard deck and attach Caliber trucks on it?

Because I am trying to save on cost. I have a skateboard that I am not using. I consider using its deck.

You have a few options, there are certain motor mounts you can buy from certain people that fit onto different types of trucks, but as Lachlan said, calibers are easiest, and honestly it’s not that expensive, option.

Would you say Gunmetal trucks are equally good and easy compared to Calibers? http://euroskateshop.se/shop/gunmetal-50-degree-3134p.html

I’m not sure, I’m just saying it’s easier because there are so many mounts and stuff compatible with caliber trucks already, you’d have to find a mount that fits it, which can be hard. Just look around I on the forum for mounts.

Notice the shape of the hangers on the calibers. they make it much easier for clamp motor mounts. Are you just making new truck holes? That shouldn’t be to hard.

Sometimes you can get a good deal on a pair of caliber I’s. I’ve seen them go for as much as 40% less than a set of new Cal ii’s

Yes, calibers I found are on a deal actually, %17 discount. https://www.blue-tomato.com/en-SE/product/Caliber-184mm+50+Raw+Silver+Truck-301731750-raw/?utm_source=zanox&utm_medium=sv&utm_campaign=feed&zanox=1&campaign=zanox%2Fsv%2Fproductfeed&cr=SEK&ia-pkpmtrack=100-6373735313236323131303-337-175-101&_$ja=tsid:42904&zanpid=2206680662176916480

What is more important at the end: Good truck or Good Deck?

Good trucks are more important. Good trucks not only means easy setup. It also means a good stable ride which is important for safety sake. The deck needs to be stiff as possible not flexy or it will complicate things.

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This makes the decision very simple :slight_smile: I will get good trucks then, instead of some random complete longboard just because good looking design. Then I will cut my skateboard deck against wheelbite. It is very stiff deck.

If you are trying to save on cost:

That looks very good list.

I save some with battery costs, remote and 3d printed pieces.

I have 2 x 5Ah 3S, RC transmitter/receiver from my old drone. I will also 3d print as much as I can.

3D printing is good, but people often try to stretch what it can do. If you are planning on doing anything other than cruising, I would not advise printing the mount or drive gear

I don’t plan to go faster than 10 kmh, because I don’t want to wear safety gear. I will just cruise around at normal skating speed except without pushing manually :slight_smile:

I will print pieces %100 infill and maybe increase support sideways in bending directions.

Sounds good! You could probably go as low as 3s if you are only planning on 10kmh