Question about a BF purchase issue

As many others did I’m sure, I ordered 4 FOCBOXes from Enertion Sunday night. However, I never completed the order (I fell asleep). The next morning, I completed the order, only to find an email in my inbox from them for a discount code of 8% off for incentive to complete my order.

I asked support, they said it was too late to apply the discount code.

So I ask him to cancel my order, and I’ll re-place it with the discount code applied. He asks me to send an email to support and that it may take 30 days to cancel the order. No problem.

I go to place the order again, this time following the link they sent me and everything looks good, until I go to complete the order. The discount disappeared (discount code is invalid?). I still want the FOCBOXes regardless, so I complete the order (again).

Ok, I get it. They are already on sale, and they are already greatly discounted. Kill me for not wanting to leave money on the table. I didn’t ask for the discount after all, they emailed me.

Now I hear back from the same person today about my original request: “Your cancellation request has been denied”. I’m confused.

Hoping this gets cleared up, but I’m a little shocked at the response.

Anyone else have a similar issue? Is there some kind of no cancellation policy in place I’m unaware of? Edit: Forgot to ask a question :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s just poor ecommerce and digital marketing on their part. Hopefully they make this right for you.

Just enertion things.



Discount codes are not valid during a sale. It was the same during the Halloween sale. I don’t know why the support guy told you, you could have gotten the discount.

I dont understand why they dont just disable the emails durng a sale

I think it totally makes sense to not allow discount stacks like that TBH But like @Indiangummy said, it would be a smart move to disable those automatic discount emails during sale times to avoid confusion and potential frustration.


Now I know for next time, but that may not be for a while if I get stuck with a double order!!

I’m sure this’ll get cleared up.

I tried today the same. If you order 4focboxes you can either use the 8% (or 11% if you wait longer😉) or you can get free shipping. For me free shipping made a bigger discount than 11% on the 4 focboxes.

Carl will fix it for you. Customer service guru that fella.

I had similar, can’t remember the error but the code wasn’t accepted, I did think they screwed up with the website and I shouldnt have gotten the code in the first place on BF - didn’t mind much still really good value with free shipping on x4 :slight_smile:

It’s working. Just take out the free shipping than the code works. You can’t get both. Only discount or free shipping

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@MiniChopper4Me Can you let me know both of your order IDs? 1: You want to keep 2: You want to get refunded.

I will solve it. Actually, Agent might get confused about the situation and it happens when there is a workload (apologies for that)

During any sale, items are already on discount so no coupon will work as it’s not logical to have discounts and coupons discount together.

Pleae provide the information real quick


Disabling them is good Idea! Thank you for the suggestion


Glad to see you on it like this, Carl. Good man.


My order numbers are: 23672 and 23688. Please cancel the first and leave the second. Thanks!!!

This exact same thing happened to me when trying to correct an order with Enertion during their summer sale after they declined to let me reprocess the purchase for bad wheels. Felt a little like salt in the wound.

Glad to see they are at least doing better with support now.

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Thanks for taking care of this so quickly, Carl

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This one is refunded now, will take up to 5 days to get back to your credit card balance (depending on your financial institution)

Let me know if you need any further help?

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@MiniChopper4Me No worries :slight_smile:

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@longhairedboy Thank you mate :slight_smile:


Isn’t he a lovely man? Makes me all warm and fuzzy.