Question about batteries

I’m building my own board, and have pretty much planned my parts out, now I’m really new to this stuff, so chances of me leaving out a part I need is high.

So far, I have planned to get:

  • 38’’ Jet Revolver deck

  • Tacon Bigfoot 160 Motor

  • 55 Caliber trucks

  • Enertion VESC

  • Enertion motor mount (not sure if it will work since it’s a different motor)

  • Enertion drive pulley kit

  • Planning on getting remote from somewhere else, still searching

So these are the parts I intend on getting, I am very unsure if they all work together though, so let me know if I’ve made a mistake.

My question is, I see they have some battery options, but are quite expensive (not saying they’re a ripoff, just can’t get it in my budget as of now). Are there other alternatives, are they even good batteries? I want to make a Boosted Board style kinda thing, so the cabling and electrical stuff under the board is hidden and in two spread apart housings. Is this all I need to build it?

Again, I’m pretty new to this, never done anything like it, but if I’ve majorly fucked up, do let me know!


EDIT: Forgot to metion, I’m probably going to use Orangatang Kegel wheels, they look pretty nice, and I heard the holes in them make things easier. Not sure if they’ll fit though. However I do have a spare set of Boosted Board wheels, maybe I can use those? Not sure…

EDIT2: I also just wanted to ask, how would I know that I need either 9mm or 12mm belts?

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You can go 6S with (2) 3S in RC LiPo Packs which would make it slimmer and a bit cheaper.

I have 2 separate enclosures being made for ESC/Electronics + 2x3S or 2x6S. You can connect them and/or separate them.

The motor should work, I believe.

All those parts should be fine.

Kegel’s work but I think the 83mm/90mm ABEC clones fit a lot nicer.

I’d go 12mm belts as you get better torque pull. 9mm/12mm is just the size of the belts and pulleys. Wider means more pull but more resistance. People have been known to eventually wear out 9mm belts quicker so a wider pulley is used.

The Kegels do not work with the enertion wheel pulley. If you want to use them you’ll need: product/36t-kegel-drive-wheel-pulley/

EDIT: I think the boostet wheels are actually Kegels / kegel clones

And if you want to use Abec11 Flywheels or their clones with the enertion pulleys you need to modify your truck hanger.

Coincidence? :imp:

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you should stick to 1 entry, as it gets jumbled with 2. I’d delete your other posting and edit it into this one. I would go with 12mm belts if it isn’t too much extra in cost as with a single high torque motor, you increase your chances of stripping. Extra strength is what you want in your drive train, and if it isn’t robust enough from the getgo, you are going to have to spend alot to upgrade anyways. I’m really heavy, 230 pounds and with my single drive setup im building, i went for a 15mm belt right of the bat (admittedly, I have a 3d printer so pulleys are extremely cheap for me(about .50 cents in plastic, but their durability has yet to be tested.)

Are you by chance interested in buying a Jet potato? I have a brand new deck still in box if you’re interested

How much? And where are you located?

Yeah, I tried deleting the other posts yesterday, but couldn’t figure out how.

Does $50 sound reasonable? I’m in Huntington Beach, Ca

Isn’t that a really short board? like 33"?

The potato? Or revolver? Not sure about potato one, but revolver (the one I’m getting) os 38’’ I believe.

I’m pretty sure it’s 34 but in my opinion it’s to big. I bought it thinking it was a good size but honestly it’s to much. My current board which goes 30mph is only 30inches and its plenty stable

I was thinking of going shorter like 30’’, but I based my experience of Boosted which is a 38’’ which was a perfect size for me to easy handle and ride around, so I decided to stick with 38’’, around there. I hope to one day in the future turn a small Z-flex deck I have into an eboard, but I’m working on the longboard for now.

Hey man, I live in hb and have an electric skateboard …it’s brand new. I’ve had it for a couple of months…I just couldn’t get it to charge or turn on. Haha I was wondering if you know anybody who can help me out. Thank you !