Question about drive options for new build | Hummie deck | Caliber II trucks | 97mm ABEC Flywheels | Flipsky 6.6 VESCs

I’m looking for advice on what I should do for motors/mounts given I already have all of the above purchased. I’d like to go diagonal dual motors, but I was considering looking for/waiting for direct drive as well depending on availability. I have more than enough 30Qs to build whatever pack, so battery should not be a problem. I still don’t have a remote (waiting on a Hoyt St Puck and Photon). I have a set of 97mm ABEC Flywheels already as well as a set of cheap 97mm ABEC clones.

I haven’t ridden an MBS yet, so although the tires look interesting, I’m not sure on going that route.

I ride on the boardwalk along the beach often, and that’s smooth concrete with some brick here and there. I’d like to be able to go 25mph on a board that feels stable at that speed. I’m 190 lbs. Any suggestions?

You can try @XTLA or @TowerCrisis mounts. Every other vendor on this forum as well. Maytech motors?

I ride on pretty rough streets. My 97mm treat me well. But that being said im putting 107mm on my hummie deck.

Both thier mounts look great and seem to have fairly good prices.


DD if you’re willing to wait for @torqueboards’ drives those would be dope but no date for them just yet though. I wouldn’t recommend Carvon unless they have a set of drives available on their site because those ship right away as advertised but otherwise you’re gonna likely be in for a wait for those too.