Question about Flipsky 6" ATM 150 x 50 All Terrain Honeycomb Wheels

Has anybody bought/tried out the Flipsky 6" ATM 150 x 50 All Terrain Honeycomb Wheels? For 4 wheels + 2 pulleys + 2 belts for $99 seems like a pretty good deal but I’m not sure how good they are. I don’t want a “too good to be true” deal and I’ve heard that flipsky in general isn’t too great.

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Im thinking the same thing. Will be keeping an eye out for this post

I recently bought them I am yet to use them initial impression is good solid wheel but you locked into the Flipsky trucks which historically in my experience ain’t great unless your willing to modify the wheels slightly

Looking to buy this set of wheels in a larger bundle from flipsky. How have they treated you so far?

Have quite a lot of use on them now they’re a great wheel a little more solid than I imagined I sanded away the excess material around the pulley gear to fit them on caliber trucks would definitely advise getting wider trucks for a tighter turning radius or the stock flip sky ones might work for you not sure I live in Ireland where roads and paths ain’t in the best condition they’ve definitely saved my ass a few times can get up and down most curbs/sidewalks no problem