Question about motor keyway/keyseat size

I bought a motor from and I started putting together the motor and pulley system, but I ran into a snag with what to do with the pulley key. It doesn’t seem to be the right size (see pictures below).

So question is, is this in fact the wrong size or do I need to do anything in order to get this to fit? And if it’s the incorrect size, what are my options (support from DIYesk8 or different provider)?

Here you can see the key is flush with the back of the keyseat, but it doesn’t fit.


This was the case with me as well when I received my TB motor. You could try talking to their support but what I ended up doing was just grabbing some very coarse sandpaper and just grinding it down essentially. It was a bit messy but it got the job done. Another option would be to use a dremel tool and cut it down to size.

@luckyfungxd thanks for the response, had a feeling that was what would be suggested. Follow up question, how tight/snug should this fit into the keyseat/keyway?

Don’t think it matters too much since you’ll be using set screws on the motor pulley anyway, but as long it sits in the slot and doesn’t sit up at all, it should be fine. Probably best to get it in as snugly as possible so it doesn’t slide up and down within the keyway.

Just file it down till it fits… as long as the sucker fits in there properly the set screw will mechanically lock it in place even if it’s wiggling around in there before you tighten the set screw.

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Oh… blue lock tight please on the set screw :+1:t2: 24hrs set time… a you are golden

I had the same issue when I received mine I filled it down for about 10 mins each checking every time if they would fit tight every time

Dremel… so many nice memories. …

hi there…had the same issue here…what you end up doing?

Why DIY isn’t fixing this ? They could at least check if the keyway is the right size before sending the order…