Question about the backfire G3 Battery

How much range can I get out of a backfire battery? More info in desc*

Hello again,

I have can across the Backfire G3 Battery Pack. and I was wondering how it would work with my DIY build.

I like it because it has the enclosure with it, allowing for greater waterproofing. It has under glow lights and a USB port!

I am using a dual 6354 setup with an FS4.2 VESC 100A-300A. The battery is said to output 60-70A max continuous. Do I need a better battery?

Thanks for all your help recently -Max

I’m using same set-up, bought the G3s? 346 wh from backfire website, running dual 6354. Works fine so far, range about 19mi. I saw the 60-70A max rating too, but wires are 14awg with xt60 connector so…

ok good to know. I found a custom battery maker who will do it a little cheaper with some pros and cons here and there but its ok. can you get those lights to work? backfire said its special for their escs and remotes. has 12s2p- 426Wh 9.6Ah for $380 w/ charger, no case. I opened the case of the Bfire and was able to get the leds to light up with 5v to wires. could run it off the usb charger wires and external switch. How’s your battery build-solution going?

Ahhh ok. I’m getting a custom made one. Also, 12s is too powerful for me anyway. Thanks though