Question about top mounting a drop through deck

I’m new to the electric skateboard community so sorry if this is a dumb question. I was wondering if mounting the trucks like a top mount on a drop through deck would affect the structural integrity of the mounting area. The reason why I want to do this is to put riser pads on the board. Has anyone had any bad experience doing this? Is it possible to mount the trucks normally on a drop through for an electric skateboard?


you can, if you want I don’t like too much between the deck and my trucks my self topmount is fine, don’t go crazy with the risers but just make sure you use solid stuff. I wouldn’t 3d print something for example rogers brothers even make some cover plates for the top if you like? they have risers and stuff as well.


I would say its even stronger to mount on the bottom. You have a larger surfacearea supporting the weight:)


My drop through is bottom mounted i just put the riser in top to stop my bolts from over stressing the deck it self…works for me atm