Question about VESC + 2.4ghz TX and RX dropout safety

I ordered a VESC last month and am waiting for it to ship with the next batch and I am planning on getting a new controller after a nasty crash recently with my Wiiceiver + Kama malfunctioning.

My question is, what is the result of a 2.4 ghz TXRX, like the GT2B, when the connection, either from the remote or physically, drops from the VESC?

For example, the HobbyWing EZ Run ESC will initiate the brakes for just a moment when the receiver is disconnected. That was the cause of me falling off my board at full speed (thankfully my board isn’t 20+mph fast). I plan on getting the Torqueboards 2.4 Ghz remote.

Any advice on making my board safer? I haven’t ridden is for fun in a while, just to get to class on campus.

I think is is more so due to the Nyko kama bluetooth + receiver. When it drops the last input it takes it keeps or something along those lines.

So IMO I prefer 100% reliability and no issues at all of the connection dropping.

We are working on a new version of the Wiiceiver. Not sure when it will be released but it will be a finished product and no more kit form.

TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote works well. 100% reliability, no drops. Just no cruise control. Small form factor.

It’s similar to the GT2B as far as reliability goes.

I think you can configure the vesc to time out and apply a pre defined brake current -or not- in case no signal is received from the rx

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I’ll need to get a few to swap out … Don’t like throttling by thumb … Feel I have less control…the trigger finger gives me better control … Guess cause I’m use to RC cars

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me too. trigger is more precise.

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You don’t do a buy three get one free do you ??? Lol

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Yeah man…it just feels way more natural…I don’t know how to explain it…especially if you gun it…It’s like YEAH BABY…Gimme the Juice!:zap::zap::zap::zap::zap::zap:

Or I can be Ghetto and just swap on receiver between boards lol

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I own two @torqueboards mini remotes - one paired with a single VESC and another on dual VESCs. No dropouts and best value for the price. I also like that its small enough to fit in my pocket.


Is that a @torqueboards 2.4ghz remote in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me? Lol

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@torqueboards I know about the Kamas thing with keeping the last input when the connection between the chuck and it’s own receiver drops, but when the Wiiceiver looses any kind of connection with the ESC, it’ll initiate the brakes like a stutter, then it’ll go into a neutral state.

I feel like I repeat myself alot here. because I do. But i kinda feel for the people who buy a wiiceiver that comes with a socket built in and rightly assume you should be able to plug the dongle in and have it work safely. IT WILL NOT. You must open up the dongle and solder it or else you will experience droppouts with unexpected results. Almost guaranteed to SYF!


@lowGuido - Great vids :smile: Now only if there were an abundance of stock on Nyko Kamas!

@lilracerboi I also have one of @torqueboards mini remotes and I’ve never had a signal drop when using it.

That’s really good to know. After my recent crash, I’ve been to scared to ride my board. Hell, even before I’ve been weary about the Wiiceiver since this is the SECOND time it happened.

Does the VESC do anything when the connection to the receiver is broken?

@lilracerboi I can’t honestly say I know how it behaves. Since I switched controllers I haven’t had a single drop out. I think that @trbt555 is right that you can configure this to some degree.

As far as your faith in your controller. I had some similar experiences with the nunchuck. In the end I ditched it for the RC remote and I’m much happier now.

Your Ez run should have went to coast at a dropped signal…very odd to hear that happened to you

@lowGuido that’s a good connection there, but I had some serious issues with the wiiceiver and the cell towers here in NYC.

Sometimes it just dropped the signal and I had no input on the ESC. The other times was more scarier, the tower will interfere with the wiiceiver and the thing will accelerate at full throttle ( no good to be speeding up full throttle in the Bronx ) that’s when I call it quits with the wiiceiver.

I know a lot of people like it, personally I use to love it , but if you live in a big city with a lot of cell towers , wifi, interference, etc. save your self a trip to the hospital and get a 2.4 ghz remote.

In the other hand if in your area you do not have this type of interference just solder your wires and use the wiiceiver. IMO the software is the best controller for eBoard in the world.

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I gotta admit I have never skated NYC so I can’t really compare. But where I live in Australia I have had no such cell tower interference in over a year of skating.

Yeah, SF downtown is pretty much just as bad… Specific corners it will just drop 100% every time. Although, I did not give the soldering option a try.