Question about vx1 remote and focbox unity

You should be able to use both. Not at the same time though I don’t think.

So i know theres a extra wire from the receiver that goes to the positive wire of the battery that reads the percent in the battery to show on the remote. How would this work if everything is in the focbox, does the focbox read the battery and send it to the remote?

No, you still want to connect that extra wire straight to the positive battery lead. :slight_smile:

Some remotes can do that however I believe, but at least the VX1 requires you to solder that to the battery positive from the battery going to the focbox.

Yes, you do need to wire it into a positive lead. But you can use the AUX power on the unity.

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oh! this I had no idea, its good to know. I just wired mine in haha.

For uart mode on the focbox, which baud would i choose for the vx1 vesc4 receiver?

Why is the extra wire needed? Just for Battery indicator? My VX1 works just fine with the 3 wire PPM harness.

Please choose the non vesc, PPM mode. The remote and receiver are the same, and the only difference among them are wires. VESC4 UART wires with 7 pins plug; VESC6 UART wire with 8 pins plug; non vesc comes with a PPM wire and a blue dupont wire connecting receiver “V” and battery “+” for skateboard battery status. For Unity, if using the UART mode, it’s not smooth to use the slide turnon with high current motor. So, it’s better to choose the PPM mode for Unity. Before using the PPM mode, please do parameters setup. For UART mode, no need to do parameters setup, you can use it directly after the receiver and remote paried succesfully.

What is slide turn on?

For vesc4 UART and PPM mode, wiring the “V” receiver to the positive AUX JST-Ph 2-pin on the unity is ok right?

The unity can support slide turnon, and you can set via the tool

Please solder the V with battery “+” for skateboard battery status. You can review the diagram via our company website. Thanks

Thanks for the detailed info. Then with the VX1 I won’t be able to use the slide turnon? Can you give more info on it please? I’m looking to buy a new remote to replace my broken nano x. VX1 looks nice but I love the slide turn on feature on my unity. Thanks

What is the difference between PPM and UART? UART does it allow options that PPM cannot?

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it’s called PWM

yes it’s same, I call it like in the manual


PPM is what you call it if you don’t know what PWM in

UART is nice for some stuff. you left a open ended question that is annoying to answer. What do you want to do?

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Sorry, I am french :clipperton_island: :baguette_bread: :croissant: :innocent:

I have this remote connected on VESC 4.12 FW 2.54, in PWM it’s works but not in UART.

I wanted to know what difference can there be in functions? for example, speed modes?

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PWM is like old RC remote signal. no data

I recommend the remote.

Ok for PWN, but on the VX1 what does it bring to be in UART instead of PWN?

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