Question about vx1 remote and focbox unity

Hi, if i get the vx1 remote from flipsky, and i have a focbox unity, do i choose vesc 4, vesc 6, or non vesc receiver for the unity? Also for the unity, what do i put for max braking regen current and max braking current? I know these r noobish questions but i just wanna check. Thanks!

I believe the Unity is based off Vesc 4. I’d order that and even if you don’t do UART control you can still use the PPM cable with the unity to connect via the non-vesc remote setup (ppm). Someone correct me if I’m wrong. And the only difference between vesc4 and vesc6 is two of the cables are swapped on the UART connection, so worst case scenario you order the wrong one and you would just need to cut two cables and swap them or pop 2 of the crimped connectors out and swap them.

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Well i dont wanna get the wrong one or it might blow out my reciever.

Btw do u know if in the focbox unity app, for motor calibration, should the max braking current be the same or less as the max motor current? I have max motor current on the max amps my motor can handle.

Buy VESC4 version as @skatardude10 suggested. Once it arrives cross check the cables and make sure they match with your unity pin out card and the VX1’s wiring diagram in the little pamphlet.

I modified my connector cuz I ordered vesc6 like a dummy but switch cables around and it works great. :ok_hand:

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I got the VESC 4 and lined my cables up, tried switching TX and RX couple times to no avail. Any advice for setup? Remote pairs with receiver fine, just cant seem to get VESC to read the receiver.

That’s odd.

Have you finished set up on the app with remote? You have to finish making sure all settings are done and also make sure you are selecting UART in the UI.

And set baudrate to 115200mhz

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Unity and VX1 UART doesn’t really work, just use PPM. You lose basically nothing.

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I’ll let you know once I get my computer. I’m using 9-something but I don’t remember at the top of my head.

What does baudrate do?

I believe it just sets where the VESC is listening for inputs / outputs, similar to for frequency for remotes.

I’m not even using a unity, just can’t seem to get it to work :(.

Can you show us images of the way you have it wired? Have you tried using PPM?

Im starting to think the VESC itself is fried, failed motor detection, no inputs of any kind and DRV failures oh god why :frowning:

Are your phase wires shorting? Or disconnected?

I’m using a Non Vesc Vx1 in PPM mode on my Unity. I had a Vesc6 Vx1 it binded but would not connect to the Unity In PPM. So I bought the Non Vesc and it worked.

baudrate is the communication rate/speed.

So im pairing the focbox with a metroboard battery. The battery has its own power switch and the focbox has its own power switch, is it ok to just not connect the battery switch and just use the focbox switch?

If i get vesc 4 receiver, will i select the uart mode in the focbox? And am i still able to use ppm mode for vesc4 receiver?