Question for dual ESCape users

I have individually set identical motor settings through vesc tool and I am about to configure my remote but I’m not sure if my ESCapes are connected to each other or not.

Do I need to connect this 4 prong can bus from one escape to the other? Or does the ppm y splitter I already have connected to both take care of that?


Looks like you have a split PPM. You would want to set them both up individually.

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So click “my setup has a single vesc.” ??

If you arent using can yes.

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Benefits of split PPM vs can bus?

split ppm in my opinion is safer then canbus. there is more that can go wrong with can then ppm

Can’t remember what thread it was but trampa said don’t use split ppm on version 6 hardware. Just use can.

Thats to do with the can bus being safer on the 6 variant. Split ppm is fine so long as the voltage is not duplicated across both vescs which his aren’t. Apparently all the problems with can bus on 4 are now not evident on 6 want to put that to the test? Nah fxxk that!!:sweat_smile:

Vive la revolution!!