Question mini fan

Hi guys for the mini fan I have to install like the first picture or num 2 thank you

turn it on and see which side you can feel the air being pushed on…

This should be the right direction.


Usually, PC fans gets air in when the sticker of the brand company/fan information is facing down.


i’m 99.9% sure that’ll take air out of his enclosure

i could be wrong tho

Also the fan usually has an arrow pointing in the direction the will “flow” when you connect the fan

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I have to bellows the aire inside the box or take out? Thank you

Maybe one go out and one in What do you think

Fans usually blow in the direction of the sticker side. Depends on the brand tho. If you want to cool a plate you must point the air flow towards the metal or the heatsinks. If you have a battery inside that box you may prefer to take the hot air out. What is inside that box? What’s the weather like in your area? Maybe you don’t really need that fan. Batteries actually work much better when they are warm. If they get too hot 50°+ for example it can damage the cells. Depending on your use you need that fan… or not.

In the box is my vesc I think maybe one bellows in and one out

If I was cooling a PC I would ensure I have one fan in and one fan out to maximize the air flow

It depends on which way the fan spins when you apply power.