Question on prebuilt chinese board

hi, i was interested in maybe building a eskateboard but then i saw a cheap chinese prebuilt on aliexpress and was wondering if this board would be decent enough for short comutes to uni or would it be better to build my own, if you can build one for around the same price.also on the prebuilt what battery config option would be best as i am a bit confused about the battery stats. (4400mah 36V 184Wh or 8800mah 24V 221Wh) same everything else. thanks

I could have 10% cheaper for each board on the aliexpress link.

This is a meepo/wowgo board in disguise, excert the higher price tag. Get a meepo, the same board but cheaper. The battery voltage is linked to your speed the higher the voltage the higher speed you can achieve. More Wh means more range, the drawback of the lover voltage battery is more heat in the hubs. The board is decent enough for beginners and flat terrain, look up meepo board reviews on youtube.

@Rinzler thanks for the info, but apparently the motors are 450w compared to meepo’s 250w and the range is longer than meepo?

Dont look at the motor watts, they basically make them up. Check if the the battery voltage and capacity are the same between the two because there is no standardized testing in the esk8 industry so basicaly it is all horse s*it.

the voltage and mah are the same as the meepo but the Wh vaires

That is normal, it depends if they are using the nominal voltage or the max voltage to calculate the Wh, cheating a bit. Just a warning the deck shape and feel on these board is crap.

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thank you very much for you help, is it possible to move the components onto a separate board?

Yes, but you will have to drill into the deck. Dont worry it wont weaken it, it already has 8 holes in it :smile:. Is this your first esk8, if it is you will be satisfied. Checkout the reviews on youtube The weakest link of the board is the battery which has enormous voltage sag, but in the future if you decide you can upgrade it.

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thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

No problem, that is the reason i love this forum. So much friendly people willing to help others. Hope it all goes well for you.

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i got a Meepo board. total $370 shipped to my house within 5 weeks. then i got a $60 deck to swap it with the Meepo. all components were easily swapped over to the new deck and it is really nice! here’s my album and notes to help you.

it looks like

is a better deal because it is $400 shipped to your house with the deck of your choice and bettter and improved remote for the Wowgo2. shipping from wowgo is faster too, or so im told. i havent ordered from them yet

thanks @tung , wondering do you get voltage sag on your board/has the battery life decreased with use?

i just got it so i dont know about battery life. my Meepo was shipped with the LG lipos. not sure if that matters. as for voltage sag, i wouldnt know because i usually keep it under 10mph. im not ready to go any faster. most people experience this sag because i expect the board to run forever at 22mph.

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cool gonna buy one in a week or so