Question step down

Hi guys question I have this staff What digramme work thank you and i’m Thinking maybe I will not do the usb


(2nd one)

Le num1 or le num2

The num 1 or 2

number 2.

Do not connect fans (or anything with a motor) in series. Motors have varying impedance from back emf, and motors connected in series can see much higher voltage spikes due to coumpounded effects of this.

Though I think you wont understand much of that seeing your english. not judging.

DONT use number 1

USE number 2

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Dude no need to be rude. If English isn’t their native language they are doing just fine. Just think if someone said all that to you in French or mandarin would you understand it?

@pat.speed I guess we all read things differently.

I don’t see @xilw3r’s comment as rude, basically he first explained things in technical term, then decided that there might be a language and translation barrier and went with layman’s terms

I guess you missed that part where I said “not judging” Or ju hav troble spiking inglisch two ?

Just kidding, dont get mad please :slight_smile: for reals man, im not trying to be an ass. most of the time at least.


Yes I guess so my bad. I just must have read it the wrong way. It was just this bit that seemed a little rude

Although it must not have been intended to be interpreted the way I did

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It’s all good my bad


Ok merci man et jais tous compris mon écriture nais pas très bonne mais je comprend très bien

Thank you man I understand everything My writing is not very good but I understand everything Thank you so much All the best man :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: