Questions about My First Electric MountainBoard Build, Trampa Dual Motor

Hello Everyone! I am new to the Forum, I am 22 and i am from the U.S.A! I have been browsing on here for quite some time and i have seen some incredible builds and i was wondering if i could get some pointers! I have been Long boarding/Mountain-boarding for a few years, but this is my very first electric build attempt! :wink:

I want to build this board for basic commutes and some trail riding, (I weigh roughly 150 lbs, and about 5’11" tall)

Here is my E-MTB plan:

TRAMPA’s 35° 16 ply (Stiff) HOLYPRO Mountain Board deck Vertigo Trucks Either 65A or 75A DAMPA’S

  • Titanium Kingpin Hypa Wheels-Trampa Tires

2 x 136kv TRAMPA Motors (with carbon motormount panels, mounted to back of board) with 14 tooth Motor Pulley

Battery: 2x ZIPPY Compact 5800mAh 6S 25C Lipo Pack from HobbyKing ( i was a little unsure on this one, is there a better 12s battery option for optimum speed/distance?)

Electronic Speed Controller: 2x VESC 4.12’s from Ollin Board Company (They offer them with different kinds of bullet connectors/etc., which one would be ideal for this? and Would this have over-heating issues?)

Charger/BMS: Not positive on this yet, any good recommendations? :sweat_smile:

Radio Controller: Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System (Hobby King)

Also is there a good vendor for AWG 10 to AWG 12 silicone cables + XT90S (anti spark connectors) and 40-50A Fuse’s? or probably just amazon? I want to keep this as simple as possible!

So what do you guys think? Is this a viable build? What range/speed should i expect?

(Please Forgive me if i have asked previously asked questions, i have had trouble finding answers.)

Thank you so much guys! :sunglasses:

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The quanum remote is hit and miss, I would say go for a GT2B mod if you want cheap and reliable. And I’ve only had bad experiences with lipo batteries. If you want the best out there, get a custom li-ion from @barajabali


Thanks for letting me know this! that GT2B seems like an awesome option!! and ah a custom battery! i had not thought of that, I think i may be interested!!

If you haven’t seen out kit yet. Checkout ours TORQUE MTB Kit. It uses 20mm wide belts. Would like if you used it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’ve had nothing but problems with these Quanum remotes. Would definitely go with something else.


I know this is designed from Trampa, but is there any possiblity that it would work with the MBS Pro Matrix Trucks and MBS Rockstar 2 hubs?

@Phantom - It might… I’d have to check but would be a better fit to just buy Trampa Trucks though :slight_smile: Won’t fit MBS Rockstar 2 hubs… I thought about putting them on the pulleys we’ve got but I decided to go Trampa for now. A complete trampa MTB setup is about $500 or so which is comparable if not better than what MBS offers. I try to go as universal as possible but sometimes it’s hard :confused: