Quick and easy way to custom paint your grip tape with some grip tape art with perfection!

I just wanted to share an easy idea to customize your grip tape with a very easy and fun way of painting your grip tape perfectly! Not everyone can free hand paint and be garunteed a perfect result the first time without a stencil. So what could you do? You could draw up or trace whatever it is that you would like to make a stencil of right off of your computer screen or anywhere else and transfer to tack paper and cut your stencil out! You could also print it out and transfer to poster board but for someone without a printer like myself I just trace it from any screen lightly and then go over it hard while on top of the poster board leaving an indent to trace. Whatever method you use will help with achieving perfection on your grip tape as long as you hold the stencil to the gripe tape tightly and cover the rest of the board to prevent overspray and just dust it lightly! I used florescent spray paint mixed in layers with white spray paint so it would be brighter in the sunlight and look really cool when downtown on the strip and riding under any of the blue or purple floresent lights on the buildings that make the paint light up in the night!!! I LOVE WHEN THINGS ARE BRIGHT AND STAND OUT OR CHANGE WHERE IT BLENDS IN NORMALLY BUT THEN STANDS OUT AT THE RIGHT TIME LIKE WHEN ROLLING UP TO THE CLUB WHEN OUT ON A FRIDAY NIGHT OR CAN PUT 1 OR 2 TINY BLUE FINGER LIGHTS ON DECK WITH A TINY PIECE OF VELCRO AND IT WILL LIGHT UP THE UV REFLECTIVE ART TO BE ABLE TO STAND OUT AND BE SPOTTED FROM A DISTANCE! ALSO BRIGHT POLICE LIGHTS UNDER THE BOARD DO THE TRICK AND WILL POST ABOUT THOSE LATER! LOL… HERE IS A SHORT VIDEO AND PICTURES OF THIS COOL CUSTOMIZATION IDEA ANYONE CAN USE TO MAKE THEIR BOARD LOOK UNIQUE … https://youtu.be/qDBxE3_fOek


Looks great! When you take off the paper does the some of the paint get screwed up? I tried it on a pice of cardboard and it’s really hard to get the perfect design