Quick check my stuff thread!

So theres loads of info on this forum which is fab but sometimes takes a while to find info, I thought it would be cool to have a place to post a quick question or diagram on a dedicated thread for a quick answer or to double check if you’ve done something right. Even really experienced builders could do with a second opinion sometimes!

I’ll kick off with a diagram of a 10s2p flat pack I’m building. Am i right?! :wink: (Numbers correspond to BMS wires or balance)

the balance cables are alway the series number + 1. So in your case you need 11 - starting with the common ground where you wrote “batt cathode”

Depends on the BMS, battery supports has a great diagram to check with for their BMS’s. There’s 1 lead per series, though you can argue that the 11th one is the negative that goes to the BMS ground.


@Maxid yeah my BMS has a separate ground for the negative :smiley:

Your diagram looks good :slight_smile:

I would double check if your bms actually does not need the first one to be ground again. As far as i know the BMS takes a standard balancer plug from for example Lipo packs as well and they always have the first one as ground. A balancing plug always has the ground in it as well.

This is the diagram of my previous pack which worked fine. I just followed the diagram from Battery Supports haha

Just curious, why do you have an anti-spark loop as well as an anti-spark switch? Additional safety?

Yeah I just checked their diagram and they indeed use the “wrong” balancer plug. This can be really dangerous when people just want to hook up their Lipo pack to a BMS. Also you will not be able to hook the “wrong” balancer plug into a balance charger.

@Jinra Yeah honestly I didn’t 100% trust the anti-spark at first and preferred the fool proof disconnect method. Although now I’m just using the anti-spark haha

@Maxid Yeah its strange I desoldered the connector from the BMS and soldered the balance wires straight into the PCB to stop that happening in the future :smiley: