Quick & dirty Resurrected Koowheel | Single 6374 | 10s2p | calibers hi

So I have way too many parts now, left from my main build

I used to have a koowheel board, that was already modified a bit. DSC05891 Once it completely broke, I made it into a regular longboard. IMG_20180501_123548 But yesterday I had decided to do a very quick build on it. The board was run by a car twice, that’s why it is shorter. IMG_20190206_164127 My main goal is too have as much fun as possible, not to plan anything and just figure it out as I go. IMG_20190205_132521 IMG_20190206_153153 IMG_20190206_135358 IMG_20190206_160743 IMG_20190205_134317 IMG_20190205_151148 IMG_20190205_193534 IMG_20190205_133145 I will either use a TB Vesc or Flipskies one. Have ordered a cheap remote, voltage indicator screen, some gromets and alu washers. I have found the battery at 25v, so not really sure how well it work out. IMG_20190206_182243 IMG_20190206_182310 So the battery did got up to 43.6v, my solder died, so I’LL get a new one tomorrow, and see if the TB Vesc works or not, if not, I’ll just put in flipsky. IMG_20190206_181911