Quick Li-po help

Buying Deadline is today,

And I have No idea how i will connect my 3 Battreys in Series and and add loop key, and then how to charge? someone please help out,

Oh no they were 18 euro now they went up in cost :frowning:

Loop key just goes in between plus towards Vesc.

Charging and balance connections depends on if you want to add a BMS or charge them separately with a balance charger.

Anyway, plenty of topics discussing the above mentioned options.

Don’t sweat it, HK has sales almost every week.


If you dont know how to connect batteries in series, you should really read more before buying things

Start by looking through some threads on the top of this one

haha Thanks ok,

Sounds like you are sorted, but here’s how I did the same.


Could you provide the names of the cables you used?

Sorry, I don’t know the names. I made the cables myself. They are just 10 or 12 awg silicone wire, from Hobbyking I think, connected to XT90, XT90s and XT60 plugs.

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