Quick method for testing motor windings by hand

After posting this method on various threads during the course of the day and a personal request, here is the technique for hand testing motors.

Taken from the Brian Archives @b264

Let’s say the phase wires on the motor are A, B, and C

Disconnect them from the ESC

Touch A+B together. Verify the motor has choppy brakes

Touch A+C together. Verify the motor has choppy brakes

Touch B+C together. Verify the motor has choppy brakes

Touch A+B+C together. Verify the motor has SMOOTH brakes that are much stronger

All the choppy brakes should feel the same. If one is weaker or stronger or if anything isn’t as described above, it means you might have winding issues.

Handy little test (excuse the pun)


I had made a thread for this



We know. This was just for the builders site.

They can just click the link though?

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Brian it was a request and I knew you wouldn’t bloody do it. :rofl:


I bought 2 3,000W (6000w) motors for my newish evolve gtx. I’m going to swap the motors next week. Any suggestions of what could go wrong.

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50mm motor for 50mm motor then not a lot regarding adaption. More powerful motors is never a bad thing. Not being able to really take advantage of that power is. It will make a difference though.