Quick questions for all DIY builders

What are your first thoughts when you see a boosted board rider in public?

Personally I think “pfft! My board is better in every way than that thing”

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“hey look its another casey neistat…”


“If you only knew how overpriced that thing actually is”

Im always shocked people buy the brand name boards with mediocre at best performance.

Just get a meepo awd for half the price or build one


There aren’t a lot of riders at all where I live. Id be happy just to see another rider. Probably ask if he wanted to try my board


Ew… lets race, I’ll give you a 20 sec head start


I would ask him “is that a DIY board” lol


My mate rode my board went straight to shop next day and bought boosted stealth :woman_facepalming::astonished:

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Just like a 12s8p board rider see a 12s4p board rider.

I mean come on there is always someone better than you.

More or less just think, “Hey another rider”

I dont understand the criticize some people feel the need to have on a rider using a pre-made board like that, i personally find the Boosted series boards one of the best boards ive tried.

And honestly once my board is done, i wouldn’t mind trading it for a stealth even though mine has twice the power twice the range and more.


As long as they wear a helmet I’m happy :slight_smile:


8 times out of 10 boosted riders don’t wear helmets, they want to be casey…especially in NYC


Honestly, I am just happy to see another esk8 riders so I don’t try to flex on them… too hard…

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IDK, I spent way more money and ended up with something not nearly as reliable as boosted when I first started. If you are a total DIY noob w/o any tools like I was when I started a couple years ago then pre-built is actually cheaper when you factor in the cost of buying tools and screwing shit up.

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I rarely see esk8 riders in Helsinki, Finland. But when I do I typically wave at them as they pass by. If they stop I’m mostly curious about their build, exchange a few words and carry on riding. So far only come across one Boosted rider in the wild. Didn’t get the chance to say hi tho. More Meepos and DIYs.

Just happy to see another es8kater. Could not care what they are riding, what they wear or anything else. Just hope they are having fun like me.

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Exactly… That’s unfortunately the truth…

What triggers me even more is seeing mostly fathers riding with their sons/daughters on ONE of those renting scooters WITHOUT helmet. Wtf is wrong with them… NOT COOL PARENTING!

When I see a boosted rider in Brooklyn the first thing that pops up is dick, they think their superior to you lol cause they’ve got a boosted. :rofl:

Also most boosted riders in NYC don’t wear helmet’s

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