"Quick release" enclosure - LiPo Batteries

Hi everyone,

First of all - the skateboard is done! It’s amazing! Honestly, I love it. Did 6.5 miles this morning and still plenty of life.

I’ve got a question for everyone about enclosures. I’m currently using some stainless steel bolts with lock nuts on. For some reason the hex head keeps rounding on the bolts. I’m looking to replace the bolts for a “quick release” option and wondered what everyone was using? I’ve ordered some clevis pins with R clips to see how that works. I remember using them on RC cars so thought it would do the job nicely.

What’s everyone using for their quick release methods? Pictures would be great :+1:

Cheers, Daniel

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Well that’s definitely functional for sure!

I’ve been using the clevis pins and R clips and they seem to do the trick nicely. I’m going to see what they’re like for the time being.

Cheers, Daniel