QUICKER KARMA | Single Belt 6374 | 10s3p | VESC | Clutch | O-tang | Caliber

Thanks to everyone who helped me sort out my plan & parts list (you know who you are, but special thanks to @mmaner for lots of great feedback)… I went from casual long boarder (kicking, of course) to near hero status with an esk8 that blows away the look and ride of several of the premium pre-builts I’ve tried (not hating—they’re nice, but the InBoard & Boosted decks weren’t quite “me”). This build totally is—and with what I’ve learned, I already can’t wait for build #2 (if I can find some reliable hubs). But right now, I’ve got lots of outdoor testing time to look forward to.

Aside from some Venom downhill bushings (on order), this is what I’ve done thus far. Lights are in my future, I think… and I have an Enertion nano controller on order, though I’m quite happy with the DIY 2.4 mini that I’m currently using. As for speed & distance specs—I’ll post that later. Haven’t figured out the limits yet except to say it’s much faster than I need & lasts much longer than I expected. All good things :slight_smile:

DECK Clutch Cassanova Frankenstein—grabbed it from Muirskate (I love it, and it’s better than my original choice which I now also own—a JET Killshot BD). https://www.muirskate.com (great board shop)

TRUCKS WHEELS & BEARINGS 50 degree Caliber II with 10" hangers—I’m a big fan, and they have a “D” hanger shape, that allows for a motor mount to stay on without rotating… essential if you’re going with a belt. Rolling on Orangutang Kegels. Bearings: Bones Reds, which I have always loved. Inexpensive, but high performers—can’t yet verify if that will be true for an ESK8, but I expect it will. I shopped assorted internet locales like Daddies, Tactics & Amazon, depending on price and shipping cost. https://www.daddiesboardshop.com http://www.tactics.com

MOTOR, MOUNT, PULLEYS & BELTS Motor:Torque Boards 6374 190kv. Faster than I need on the flat ground here in South Florida, with nice torque. Mount: Torque Boards V4 aluminum mount. Pulleys; Torque Boards; 16T motor gear/36T hub gear
 with a 255mm HTD5, 12mm wide belt. I was supposed to get a 265 belt, but the 255 is what came. Not sure what the diff is, to be honest. I ordered some extras from VbeltSupply.com. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/motor-6374-190kv-3150w/ diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-with-drive-wheel-kit/

VESC DIY Skateboards VESC—so far, so good. I downloaded the Mac version of the BLDC Tool from Enertion’s site (free). diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

CONTROLLER Torque Boards 2.4 Ghz Mini with receiver diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-2-4ghz-mini-remote-controller/

BATTERY Enertion 10s3p Space Cell 3 all-in one—with on/off switch, % indicator, charging port & enclosure (they’re getting rid of these, but there are a few similar options out there)

INSPIRATION & ASSISTANCE You’re already on the site, folks… thanks!


That’s a nice deck and a great build. Good job.

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Great build…where are you in SoFla? @Landshark and I are in FTL…

Thx! Lake Worth. Sweet!

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Sweet build. I’m digging the aluminum counter-top.

Thanks… I made that, too. I had seen metal-wrapped table tops online but they were too spendy. It’s actually a bar-height 36" square table that I bought cheap at Target. I removed the top, wrapped it in zinc, then soldered the corner seams. It’s literally the project that made me think “now I want to go electric with my board”.

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