Quietest belt driven setup?

I was leaning toward the Carvon V4 XL but I don’t think it will be enough torque to make it up 30% grade hills in 2wd configuration. The primary reason I was leaning toward the Carvon was the near silent operation. What would be the quietest FOC belt driven setup with enough torque for 30% grade on pneumatics?

30° hill. Not % :slight_smile: There’s not a big sound difference between the motors we use…get some 6374 motors and a good vesc. You can play around with hz settings to see what ever suites you

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that’s almost 60% incline


Yeah I relized I must ne wrong here :sweat_smile: not the first time!

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31.5% to be specific which is 17.5 degrees. How quiet will it be? Should I just get the 4wd Carvon with pneumatics?

Ive seen plenty of videos showing how quiet a hub setup can be but nothing showing how quiet belt setup can be.

Well that’s hard to say. Hmm. You will hear the motors ofc… Check out some videos on the internet and you should get an assumption how quiet it will be…

All of the videos I’ve seen with belt driven setups have been quite loud, maybe they weren’t FOC. However, when I was reading a thread on hub vs belt drive people were saying that belt can be as quiet.

They can. Or close enough.

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Okay I just searched for FOC specifically, they are definitely quiet enough. Looks like I’m belt team :slight_smile:

as long as you don’t accelerate hard or push it upp a hill belt driven motors on FOC will run pretty quiet. Not quite as quiet as hub motors though.

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Under load it will be noisy, even more when on a 30% hill, but if you get good pulleys, have everything secured to eliminate rattle, on flat ground it can be really silent

Low belt tensions is also key

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My motors were the quietest while running hybrid mode, really to find out the quietest option you will need to experiment a little bit with modes, switching frequencies etc

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Looser belts will be quieter. A wider belt can be run looser with same performance, a few users are on 20mm wide belts and love it.

I found an idler pulley made heavy breaking quieter.

Also I found plastic wheel pulleys make less sound, but I would still prefer aluminium pulleys.

I use BLDC sensored hybrid mode and it does not make much noise over 5mph, road noise and wind noise becomes louder over that speed.

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