R spec 2 6355 Motors, pulley and drive hub set for SALE PRICE DROP

Anyone after these last bits and pieces. Aus buyer preferred.

Bump. Anyone interested in these parts. Make an offer. PM me.

Any offers on the motor or pulley drive set. The drive set will come with the 6 bolts to fit to the wheels.

What bits you still got available mate ?

@tonto2k Just the 1 motor and the pulley set as pictured. Have a new set of wheel bearings. Also in other post a space cell.

Would you do $100 aud for the motor mate?

Ive PM you.

Bumped. There must be someone interested.

Only these items left, and a space cell and fast charger in other thread for sale.mAus buyer preferred.

@vjsharpeyes You can pick up at Richmond/Burnley say around my lunch break or after work in Moorabbin 0433146068. Have 9mm belt, the large pulley wheel, carbon cover. You can have my long wheel screws as well with abover for $40. Did you want the fast charger?