R spec 2 6355 Motors, pulley and drive hub set for SALE PRICE DROP

Anyone else interetsed in these parts.

Only these items left. Only 1 of each. Make an offer. Happy to negotiate.

Enertion R Spec 2 6355 190Kv 1 left only $147 AUD. $110 USD 2400W 4-12S (14 Volts - 44 Volts MAX) Diameter 63mm Body Length 55mm (not including axle) 8mm High Tensile Grade A - SUS420J2 HRC55 - Precision Milled Shaft Stainless Steel Axle Precision Bearing Assembly 688Z with dynamic load rating of 1606N Weight 568grams 20cm flexible High Strand count pure copper & silicon 10AWG wires 5.5mm Gold Connector

9 mm pulley drive kit, belt, and anodised aluminium drive hub( not plastic), and steel motor pulley, carbon fibre wheel cap and 6no bolts and caps. $70AUS $52USD 1 left

New Enertion bearings(unused) $19.95AUS 15USD

Postage for motor and pulley set approx $35AUS/ $26USD

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So the Vescs died and now you’re just selling the whole thing. How many miles did you ride it? Looks fairly well used.

How much would it be to ship the whole thing to the US and would the battery be cleared by customs? Not sure what the regulations are.

The grip tape just collects dust, just needs a clean with a grip tape block. The mounts get scatches by kerbs hence why scatches to just the bottom. Can be re touched up, but they will get scratches on it again. Doesnt affect use. The board runs fine when running. Motors are rock sollid.

Its used not new. Battery may need to get sent separately. If your serious about item i can investigate further.

Yeah I’ll consider a few parts of it in that case. Let me know if you end up parting it out.

I’d like to have the trucks, motors and motor mounts. That’s all. Of course that depends on shipping expenses. I’ve never shipped anything from Australia to the US before.

New Jersey, 07646

How about just the deck I am in Toronto canada

For 1.6kg 100x25x10cm Standard to Canada $65.96CAN no insurance $83.42CAN insurance Express $72.09CAN no ins $89.54CAN ins

Postage is expensive. Still cheaper than getting a new one though. Just.

M6j 2k1 Toronto Canada

Are the enertion decks waterproof ?

If you seal the section where the cables come out to the motor it will prevent water getting into electronics. Cover on top allows access to battery. You could make it water resistant with some seals and covering the power and lcd cutout. Ive got a clear screen on it.

I dont thnk you want to be skating in the rain. It can handle puddles, Ive taken my Raptor through some. Its more the motors need to be dried afterwards, but as all battery and esc/vesc in cover they are protected from the water.

Remote still available? Would be 20 AUD including shipping to Sydney alright?

Thanks guys @Jebe @anon42702729. Will post items once payment cleared.

Hey @Dedbny is any of this stuff still available? First time builder here in Melbourne.

@vjsharpeyes Pulley, charger, wheels, just what I still have in thread is available. Motors.

How many miles/hours put on the motors and drive kits? @Dedbny

Cant really give you an answer as never kept track. Random use. 10,15 km over say year, but random minimal use over that time. The enertion motors are rock solid. Hence why they are that expensive. The vescs are the issue as far as the whole package is concerned thats why im selling. No vesc. You might need to adjust trucks. The motor already has a key on shaft for pulley set.

@nngg What did you want to pay for them? Happy to negotiate a price with you pm me. As you would know no one gets the price they list for. Everyone puts in an offer for 1/4 or whatever of whats listed then the seller goes down to the buyers offer or counters. I dont check every deal that goes on or past. Bet for now you probably cant get the enertion 6533 now as probably out of stock. I do know its listed at 179.95 aus. Not including postage. And by the way you can always get a cheaper motor. Just depends on if you want the Enertion ones. Its up to the buyer to do the research and I did sell the other motor etc today, so dont think its totally unrealistic. Have you had an Enertion one before?

haha this forum is full of people who pay that. This is Aussie dollars remember.

My bad, I guess I’m too cocky with my US dollars