R spec 6355 OverHeat issue

Hi guys,

I bought a enertion single drive kit with a 6355 motor. Recently, I noticed that the motor is produce more heat than before.skin burn Should I modified or checked something to reduce the heat?

Are you using a VESC? If so post some screenshots of your settings.

Fvt 120a esc and 6s4p 25r

Any hill climbing? I notice you got a car ESC there.

No. Just full speed on the road. Yes it is car esc. My old motor is 6384 much bigger and higher kv. The temperature is much lower than r spec

Whats your weight and gear ratio?

86 kg 36/15

Generally this happens if the motor wires are shorting inside the motor. Sometimes related to when the motor wires are positioned in a way that results in movement when truck turns.

Open the motor and look for burn marks. put some insulation around any wires thato look burnt.

Try to secure the wires so they cannot be tugged or vibrated excessively.

Some type of strain relief for the wires is a good idea. A basic cable tie can work.

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Wire break . Could I fix?how