R-spec hubs for sale or trade 50 miles used

For sale or trade! Located in Hillsboro, OR 97123 These hubs are very powerful and quiet but they consume a lot of juice! I planned to use them on a haya deck but dont have enough battery space for the range I wanted sadly! Looking to get $275 +shipping. 20190419_140935|666x50020190419_141012

You need price and location

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I’m looking for offers, new price from Enertion is $579 but these aren’t new they are used.

I’m looking for around $375

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what are you trading for

What do you have to trade is a better question

I’ve been looking to make my AT setup better. So motors, trucks, mounts with idlers, open to loads of trades.


Pm sent but just saw you are in us so might not work

Looking for $275 bump

How much shipping to uk

Where in the UK

It’s going to be very expensive, about the same price I’m asking for the motors. Shipping to London costs $240

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Still available? In Portland Oregon. SW right by psu off 12th.

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Hi, I am interested! happy to pay for shipping to CA.

Where in CA? PM me

Shipping to zip 90001 is $20 at cheapest rate, unless my math is wrong, 2 business day shipping

@Chiefdooby I am in the Bay Area. just sent you a DM

Are they still available? I have some things u might be intrested in