R-SPEC Shorted Phase Wire Problem & Solution

So I got problems with my motor about a month ago now. I started the RMA process on the Enertion site 4th of July. In the beginning of this week (18th) it was still pending so I sent an email out monday that has not yet been responded to (it has been 18 days since my initial contact).

I know @onloop and the others over at Enertion have a lot on their plate at the moment but this response time is starting to become unacceptable and my feeling when reading about support errands with Enertion is that most people get very good help which makes me feel my case has gotten lost or something. I mean @onloop even came to the thread where me and another user described our problems but I get zero response when opening RMA or emailing.

What is your experience, does it usually take time or what is going on?

(Absolutely not aiming to do any badmouthing about Enertion. I have bought lots of things and I am very pleased over all but this support time is making it hard to not say something bad)

I guess it is a bit of luck. @onloop told that they get daily about 150 mails…some important ones some less important ones.

I had much luck! I had to buy new caps for my delivered VESCs. I sent the bill to enertion and it was paid within 1 day :open_mouth:

Thanks a lot for the will to help the costumer @onloop!

I got a reply after about 2 days

Usually get a reply within 48hrs except for weekends which is understandable. Nothing but great costumer service for me, unfortunate delays in getting stuff during the expansion, but still great communication.

hey mate, just send us another email [email protected]

whats wrong with the motor, its probably easy to fix.

Thanks for the response.

Problem is the following described in this thread (not my thread but I added a picture there): http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/raptor-dual-one-motor-starts-breaking-short-in-windings-solution-found/4868/26

I have thought about trying to fix it myself but not sure I will succeed and have therefore not wanted to tamper with it before talking with support.

Edit: As you can see the wires are touching and have shorted out/gone black there. Board slams on breaks when riding so have not dared to ride since for the sake of myself and not screwing the VESC up.

The fix is for this issue is fairly quick, need to get more heat shrink tube and cover these exposed lengths of copper wire inside the motor, that will fix the problem. If you have epoxy you could also glue the wires in place to prevent the vibrations.

to open the motor you only need to remove one circlip. so you will need circlip pliers. You will also need some heat shrink tube.

Shrink tube is easy to find, something like this pack is a good idea


What country are you in?

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I am in Sweden.

I have some shrink tube somewhere at home so could maybe try and fix it.

On a more positive note, the other parts (remote, mount kit, VESC and wheels) are really good :ok_hand:

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if you dont have any luck with this repair we can give you some contacts we have in europe that can help.

once again sorry we missed your email… things at Enertion HQ have been very crazy for last two months…


So I opened up the motor just now and other from the part that it’s impossible to move the stator from the rest of the motor it’s all good…

I might still be able to fix it, but it’ll take time and honestly I have more fun things to do in my tiny amounts of spare time. I feel like I’ve bought a faulty crap china product for shitloads of money. Like who thought it was a good idea the cables could move around freely and not be isolated?!

Sending it around Europe is probably useless, it’d be cheaper to buy another motor off hobbyking and throw this crap out in the yard for insects to live in.


I too have the exact same problem and honestly am feeling the same way. This is clearly something that’s an issue on all of the motors and should be fixed before these are sent to customers.


Please god

@massy and @Haick - I understand your frustration. But even with good QC - things get past testing. I’m expecting those motors spun and passed, but may not last long w/ wear. MTBF is a bitch and applies to all electronics.

I’ve always found Enertion support to be really fast and they’ve gone the extra mile a few times getting things to me quickly.

If you have the disposable $ to chuck them out the window - i’d give them to another e-boarder here to fix and use… no need to be wasteful. I know this is you venting your frustration, but give them (enertion) a chance to help and fix.

If you don’t want to take a minute or two to fix a small issue (easily done w/ steps given) - perhaps DIY isn’t for you? . And if that quick fix doesn’t work - i trust they will make it right.

And if DIY isn’t for you - there’s always the new Boosted coming out you could look at getting

I hear you loud and clear and feel the same for the most part.

DIY is most definately for me, that said however doesn’t mean I necessarily enjoy spending hours and buying tools for the specific cause of repairing a part I bought assembled and ready to go. This is most certainly not a few minutes task (if you know how to do this in minutes, please explain).

I understand wear and tear is a thing but if this is a problem with many motors it will eventually come back and kick Enertion in the ass as well when people get thrown off, lots of motors need to be recalled etc, etc. The cables are moving freely like 5-10cm at the motor entrance for christ sake, if these doesn’t move to short the thing out eventually I’d say you’re incredibly lucky. It’s just not viable in the long run or for the sake of peoples safety in a commercial product like the Raptor.

And it’s not like I’ve worn this one out for long time. Got the motor in Feb/March, built the board, tested in April/May. Got everything up and running by the end of May. Rode 20 km a few times and “this motor is now fucked and tried to kill me several times because the factory doesn’t know how to isolate a cable”.

I have put the thing in the freezer (which should help according to…folks?) and will try to get the stator off again tomorrow (which by the way is not a few minutes work. Especially if you don’t have an arsenal of tools). Now however: sleep time.

It depends on your setup (you could have strained the motor), but from my point of view it looks like Enertion is not being professional with customer support. We don’t know the real cause of the problem, but let’s put that aside for a moment. You contact the company that sold you the product you’re having trouble with not so long after buying it and you get no reply in two weeks - that’s bad customer care. Even worse is this: “because we have a lot on our plate” and “things at Enertion HQ have been very crazy for last two months” (which onloop continually says everywhere). Why the big ‘F’ should that concern me after buying a product for 150-200 bucks? And I’m not even saying that the product is bad (we don’t know), but after a paying customer asks something - you should answer fast, your reputation is at stake.

PS: I don’t know the whole story and I didn’t buy anything from Enertion myself, but i’m seeing a lot of things like this from others lately. @onloop, if you run a business, be professional about customer support. Excuses don’t cut it!

PPS: I think i’ve cut Enertion too much slack. If several people ahre having the came problem, it can really be the provider’s fault. Also answering something like “you can fix it yourself” instead of “I’m sorry we lost your email, please do so an so…” feels cheap.

you sound like you can do a much better job buddy! what your business called?

don’t have one? well go start your own business, small-scale manufacturing, serving the entire world with custom made parts and see how well you go… then have a new baby enter your life, also add 1400% growth, 4 new staff members to train, 100-200 emails each day… & try to scale your systems to during the process, do all this from your garage…

your a jerk.


please don’t remove the stator, all you need is a circlip plier, if you don’t have that use normal pliers but you might then need a new circlip.

otherwise, we need to get the motor sent half-way across the globe, back to Australia, I’ll take the circlip off & I’ll put the shrink tube on the wires, then i ll send the motor back across the globe.

this will take around 2-4 weeks. cost probably $200 in shipping fees.

happy to offer that if you can’t work it out.

please note, I am not trying to be a dick, i am just trying to save time & money by giving you advice on how to fix it yourself.

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You’re* :3


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Poor thing, Did I hurt your feelings? Thing is I never meant to, you’re not mature enough to run a worldwide business if you take everything as a personal offence. Learn to take constructive criticism (especially if your products are not the best, which you will not admit) and stop making excuses. Good enterpreneurs don’t whine about how hard their life or business is.

PS: I do run en escape room business for two years, as I’ve mentioned in other thread. This business is the reason I tell you to ante up customer support, I’ve gone through this already.

I should have been more fair. Jason from enertion has been incredibly helpful every step of the way for each and every question I’ve asked. In fact, that’s why I messaged him directly first. I don’t have a problem having to desolder each bullet connector after already pulling the motor apart just to shrink wrap the motor wires that should have already been heat shrinked and not exposed from the manufacturer. It’s such a small cost savings and a huge corner to cut on a part that clearly is bound to fail very fast! I don’t think this at all seems unreasonable. I still 100% support enertion and understand this could be a problem with growing pains. But I find it hard to justify something that’s so easy and cheap to do right in the manufacturing process that clearly was a way of cutting corners. I’m fully aware Enertion doesn’t build the motors himself so if I was him I’d either have the manufacturer fix it, or find a new motor manufacturer who won’t cut the smallest of corners. Or obviously add the wire coverings himself. I don’t regret the purchases I’ve made at all. I am satisfied with everything I’ve bought from enertion. However, this one just seems like such an obvious no brainier that could have been so easily fixed.

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