R6ZZ bearings for Abec 11 on Trampa Vertigo Urban Carvers

How are you guys fitting the bearings on Abec 11 Flywheels for the Trampa Vertigo Mini Trucks?

Classic skateboard bearings are 608-ZZ (22x8x7mm), Trampa bearings are R6-ZZ (3/8x7/8x9/32" or 9.525x22.225x7.14mm)

So the outside diameter of the Trampa specific bearing is 22.225mm instead of 22mm or a classic bearing, that’s 0.225mm bigger, it means it won’t fit on an ABEC 11 or MBS wheel, unless you force it too much

I would like to believe the .225 mm extra is small enough for ABEC11 wheels to take it.

They get in real hard! FWIW I’m talking about the bearings :neutral_face:

I don’t want to break the housing, removing them at a latter time would be nightmare

Just stick the assembly onto the axle and wind in the bearings, using the axle nut.
First bit is done without the 10mm axle spacer, last bit with the spacer in place. Works a treat! If you want to get them out lay the wheel sideways and use a 8mm bolt to tap out the used bearing to the lower side.


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Frank are the Trampa bearings for the street carver smaller than R6ZZ bearings or they are exactly the same size?

Since both bearings will be inside a wheel, with a spacer in the middle, I didn’t understand how to remove the bearings with a M8 bolt, there will be only a 9.525mm hole through the 3 pieces, against what should I push the M8 bolt?

The bearings are the same size. To remove them you place the wheel sideways onto a table and then you stick a 8mm bolt through the bearing facing towards you, and rest the bolt end onto the lower bearing (inner ring). Go in circles and tap out the used bearing.

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Hy im also thinking of buying trampa trucks as i rode on a board with vertigo trucks on yesterday Just to be sure i understood everything correct when im planning to put on 107mm abec11 wheels and i have 608 bearings it should fit right? Kr

No, Vertigo Trucks have 12mm axles. The Ultimate Truck has a 9.55mm axle and that can take a R6 2RS bearings, which have 22.22 OD. These can be fitted to a standard skate wheel usually holding 608 Bearings with 22.00 OD.

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Ok got it thx very much

Why did you choose weird axles

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I’d hazard a guess that conformity across the brand was the initial idea to force loyalty?

That’s a little ratty

Meh, it’s just business right?

Try to fit a R6RS onto a 10mm axle and you will see.

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Just make a 10mm axle?

There is no bearing with 10mm ID and 22mm OD and 7mm width.

That hasn’t stopped anyone using Surfrodz

there is 10x22x6. pretty close