Race in San Francisco April 1st

No joke. Who would be interested in meeting in San Francisco on the the first of April?
We can meet at a bar downtown (Tempest), I’ll buy drinks, then take Fell street to golden gate park and through the park to the beach. The race would be up and down Fell street which is about 9 blocks of pretty steep up and then 4 blocks steep down. It’s a Friday. 11pm

I put this into the eBoard events category for you. Wish I could come. Good luck and post who came first :joy:

I’d be down for the race idea, but what if we raced through golden gate on a bike day? No cars, less hills, and easy loops to run laps.

Golden gate park is only partially closed to traffic on Sundays and other holidays till 5pm I think. Late at night things are quieter than even then. With the street lighting and thin late-night traffic it’s pretty ideal.
Something flat…I imagine we’d all go crazy fast and someone would wipe out badly. With the hill it’s somewhat of a board test. And then I’m sure we can find a well lit flat spot we can race too. I’m always racing the rest of Fell street that’s after the downhill and flat and we can add that in. Lights are out there but if you time it right…

And it’d be nice to add faces and voices to the boards and compare them.

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Its true that it’s only partially closed, and its during the day, but it’s a great place to go fast. The thing about lights are, they come on and go off. I was riding on Fell a few weeks back, and all of a sudden, the light right over top of me went out, and I was riding blind for a few seconds. Should be less of an issue with my new board, seeing as I built in headlights, but that’s always my fear at night.

In regards to the wiping out, as faster and faster builds become easier, I think investing in some leather suits and full head helmets are not a bad idea. If someone wipes out, the chances of injury go way down. I know I plan on buying one as soon as my budget allows it anyways, as my new build should be capable of 45 mph+, and I don’t want to ride at anything above 25 mph without some serious protection.

Regardless of the plan, I’m down for it. It would be cool to test other people builds, and ride around with a clan of eboarders.

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We’re all gonna show up and then there won’t be a race because we’ll all realize what day it is.


Good point. I’m out! :smile:

I foresaw April fools comments and attempted to make my own preemptive comment at the start but it wasn’t enough. How bout a lure? Beat me and u win a pitcher of beer or a Big Mac!! Everyone likes Big Macs. It gets auto capitals on my phone.

Or there’s April second if the first is too risky

Actually I hate Big Macs. I do like beer, but I don’t like fake food.

Btw, why April 1st? Seems so random

I should have the stronger hub motors arrive by then. Both my motors now need to be rewound and more. I damaged the stator’s epoxy coating unwinding. Thetop and bottom laminates started pealing so I pealed them completely off. so then adding a layer of polyurethane then crazy glue then liquid electric tape. Huge fuckup and can’t fit nearly as much wire in so have to somehow strip it without damaging the stator laminates electrical isolation. A lot of work and at this point impatient to get other motors and this time add grommets so the motor wire insulation coming just out of the motor isn’t damaged…causing a short

The second is just as good as the first though.

I don’t eat much fast food either though. San Francisco has such better food.

1st April ? could be a JOKE ! April fool’s day !

I still want to meet up and do the race/ride and am wondering how many of you are planning on showing?

I just hailed over an evolve board on my street. Super nice guy just offered me the remote and I went off riding. He’ll be texting me later and possibly coming out on the first.
That board… Very extreme in that it’s very long and also has gullwing sidewinder trucks really. Smooth and pretty nice but he will be crushed badly in an uphill race.

DHL should be delivering today and anyone gettig motors from me either meet me on the first and get the first ones done then or give me a couple days max past the. to finish potting stators and doing wheels …at the latest.

so stoked to be getting a pair in the near future!

:sob: I wish I was in San Fran :weary:

My first post. I found this thread searching for builds of those who live in S.F. because my board just died, and I need to build a new one that can take the S.F. abuse (hills).

I am totally down for this race. It will be a race of my own to build a board by then though, one that can handle S.F. for daily commuting and hitting some long 18 degree hills.

I’ll be there if I can arrange for a suitable board!

I and down for a ride/race.

lets keep to the original race plan. Meet at the tempest bar around 5th and mission at 4 and race to the pan handle?

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Possibly down

i’ll be there 4pm saturday at the Tempest bar in south of market. Route and winner’s prize we can decide then.