RaceStar 200KV for trade for lower KV (US Los Angeles)

Anyone interested in Trading my 200kv motor for a lower KV? I purchased 4S x2 in series and currently running 8S but want to upgrade to 12s. After doing some reaserch I am reading 12s Setup might burn out my FOCBOX. I have about 7 miles on the motor. A few things to mention I replaced the stock connectors with 3.5mm bullet connectors and replaced the stock 5 pin plug sensor connector to the 6pin JST compatible with most VESC.

My Lipo charger only supports 4S this is why from a financial perspective it makes more sense to look for a lower KV motor rather than buying new batteries+ a Charger.

Let me know what you have or any ideas, if you are located near Los Angeles are I am willing to meet it would make things a lot easier. Build:

Not sure how the motor kv relates to your battery, charger, connectors, or focbox. If you’re concerned that 12s may burn up your focbox, then why change the motor?

According to @Namasaki and @chaka 10s is the sweet spot for a 200kv

Uunfortunately due to my lack of research my charger does not support 5s packs.

If everything works as is, why change it? Is 8s not fast enough?

Every thing works fine but I would like the option to easily add more power later.

I’m interested in trading. I have a race star 5065 150kv and numerous other parts/motors. Shoot me a message if you’re interested and we’ll go over it. Joe