Racestar dual 5045 or 5065 200Kv Motors, help me choose!

I am upgrading my Diyeboard motors (which actually are not too bad) as one of them hit the floor hard during a disassembly some months ago and is not to healthy now. I Have bought some @Boardnamics mounts to mount new motors to my Caliber II trucks (and to get away from the lethal Diyeboard motor-mount-trucks). I am on an ongoing project with my unnamed Loaded Fattail project and is therefore thinking both semi-longterm and budget when choosing new parts.

My current setup: Loaded Fattail Flex 1 ABEC 11 Flywheels (90mm) Diyeboard 10s5p battery w. enclousre (the sag is real) Diyeboard 2.1 ESC (I know, I’m sorry) Boardnamics motor mounts Caliber II 50" Trucks with some nice Sector8 1/4" rubber-shockpads.

I have scoped out some Racestar 200Kv motors from Banggood and are debating with myself if I should go for the 5045 (which will fit nicely on my Caliber trucks) or 5065 which will have to be mounted in ZigZag. Does anyone have any experiences to share on this? I am also open to other motors, but prefer not to pay much more than the price for the Racestars (I also get free shipping with them, which is a huge bonus when living in Norway!).

Thanks for any and all opinions and advice!

@JLabs has 6354 motors for black Friday at 59 each. 208kv. https://mailchi.mp/dc005d43a506/black-friday-blowout


Saw thoose, really tempted. Any experience with them?

Not personally. But ive heard good things from a few different people. Didn’t see you were in Norway…

No worries tho, I have a good shipping company I use for most my US-stuff which sends over here for just 21 USD (including most taxes) so It’s not a deal breaker :wink: Btw @JLabs If I have some of the stuff for your black friday sale in my cart already, say hypotetically two 6355 motors and a VESC Bluetooth adapter, will the cart automagically update when the sale goes live or will I have to re-add it? Think I will try to go for it, looks like a good deal!

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It should update but I’m not 100% sure. The time consuming this is to create an account and input address info, so I would be sure that’s done

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Yeah I figured so did that now, guess I will have to windows open then :wink: Thanks for the reply, and btw do I need my own “key” for thyway on the motor or does it come included?

They arent included but i should have them for sale separately if DHL ever delivers my package.

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I see, think I will use some of my standard-nonkeyway pulleys for now then and upgrade at a later point.