Radio Controller channels

Must remotes have 3 channels. I’m curious if there is any remotes that have more than 3 channels for eboards?

What do you plan to do with the extra channels? Perhaps the remote I’m currently developing will interest you, it has LED effects button, cruise control, dedicated joystick push button for honk or whatever you need, FHSS, telemetry(VESC only), riding modes, rechargeable battery,… etc Just to name a few :grinning:


For anything I want. Like turn LEDs on and off. Making a right and left turn signal, headlights, breaklights, etc…

I’m a drone guy, I design, build, and sell racing drones. Some customers ask for special channel functions. That part is easy in my industry, but not for e boards, due to different radios.

wow that remote is amazing but why did you go for a joystick? that would end you not fitting them on the pocket, is it possible that you could make a more slim design for changing the joystick? I love those specs btw just not the joystick though

Left an right turn signals, brake lights. Thats 2 channels. Headlights thats a 3rd channel.

Pretty easy with most standard remotes.

What else you want? Rocket launcher? Come to think of it. I want a rocket launcher now…


So that would make a total of 4 channels with throttle included. Any small remote capable of that? I see most rc car remotes with 3 channels.

Couldn’t you take the brake signal from the throttle channel? That would total to 3 channels. Even the gt2b does that. Swap the direction pot for a 3 pos switch and use channel 3 for headlights

I could. I’m just asking in general. I just like having extra channels to play with.