Randome hard braking

After trying to climb a steep hill with my e-board and power just cut off, my board very often randomly breaks a very short moment. I thought it was the phase wiers so I solderd new bullet connectors between the motor and the VESC. This didnt help. I can also feel a loss in power wich I dont understand… My setup: VESC 4.12 Motor: 1x Alienpower 63mm 3,3KW Battery: Alienpower 18650 pack, 12s3p Remote/reciever: Alienpower Enertion trucks.

I can also tell that I had no problems with the board before this.

redo motor detection. I’ve had vesc reset to default. they still work but no real power.

check your rx wires, could be coming loose.

what’s your minimum voltage and battery cutoffs on the vesc?

You best bet is a connection loss of your remote. So maybe Check if it helps to Position the receiver somewhere else abd Check the wires.

@Jinra Minimum input voltage: 8V Battery cutoff start 10V, End 8V

Could you post the rest of your vesc settings preferably in the form of a screenshot. make sure to include all tabs

@saul Did it and it had not changed

https://gyazo.com/d40ed63bb98d72e514e67458cb1a0cea https://gyazo.com/83f1a6fd45afe583857d9ff769b05b52 https://gyazo.com/5d86a10010d3ff3e66ddcb192bbabb8f https://gyazo.com/63fedfe8245fe8071e7c6997182bb526 https://gyazo.com/4ec13d714a3d75a567d282a28c5382cf

I don’t see any settings that are that off. However, your max current ramp step in the advanced tab is 10x higher than it is by default. You may have a buggy 2.18 firmware which you may want to re-flash with a fixed one.

See here

Is there a link to the latest 2,18 version FW?


This happens when ESC power is lost OR when one phase wire had an intermittent connection.

Can you share a picture of your setup / soldering?

@Jinra Thats the one I have :confused:

Your problem comes from the remote. It losses connection for a short while. Or the signal from the Potentiometer jitters. Just switch everything on and give a little throttle on the bench. Then shake the remote and squeeze it a little. If you have losses it is clear where your issue is coming from. These are the short hickups you experience.

@Ackmaniac I will try and use my other RC remote and see if it works better, if It does then I change it :slight_smile: Thanks!

Had the same sort of problems. Sometimes i lost power for a second going op a hill, and two times when braking, the board suddenly stops braking for a moment. Changing my remote, to a GT2B, seems to have fixed my problems (knocking on woods) so far.

Thats the exact remote im using now and it solved my problem. Im greatful it was as simple as that :slight_smile: