Range extension mods

Yo. What kind of mods have you all done for range extension . I have a battery box for my off-road board and I added it to the top of my street board. I will be posting a video link this coming week.

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Hmmm Ive, made my circut resistance lower, direct sodered by phase wires. used Ceramic bearings. also gave me more range as my consumpstion was more effeciant. But its not the cheapest way.

And what improvements did you got in terms of %?

Well my original battery was 10s2p 4.4Ah and add on box can fit my 10s10p. So. A lot🤣

Here is my YouTube video. Kinda shitty because my camera setup is broken. https://youtu.be/agS5u5ra6LQ

I myself am looking to just adding for parallels into my battery