Range of 8000mAh 12S vs 8000mAh 10S?

This is my question: If there are 2 boards, and everything is the same except the batteries. One being 8000mAh 12S, and the other being 8000mAh 10S.

Assume both these boards travel at 20mph on the same path, wouldn’t the 12S batter get more range? It has 2 extra cells, or effectively 16,000mAh of extra energy, and it isn’t going any faster 10S board.

Would the 12S board get more range?

Yes, the watt hours on the two batteries are not the same despite them having the same Amp hour rating.

Yes, approximately 20% more.

20% more by watt-hours alone, but there is more to the story

Comparing 12S 8Ah vs 10S 8Ah: 12S will require pulling less amps to achieve the same power (=Volts*Amps). So there is less voltage sag, which means the “effective” mAh’s will be greater on 12S

So for example “8000mAh” might actually be 7600mAh at 12S, but 7200mAh at 10S (for equal power output)

Additionally, 10S will have higher losses at the same power output. Power losses are proportional to amps^2, but there difference is likely not that significant between 12S and 10S

Thank you for the in-depth response. It was helpful!