Raptor 1.0 for Sale

Hey guys. I decided I want to sell my Enertion Raptor 1.0. I’ve added MBS all terrain wheels which are amazing. I’ve had a fair share of issues with the raptor, so this purchase would be ideal for someone with a decent amount of DIY experience as there is some repair needed. The board has about 30-40 miles on it, but one of the bullet connectors from a motor has come unattached and needs to be resoldered back on. The board would come with a second battery, but its On/Off switch snapped (the button) and also needs to be fixed. I have the part but not the expertise. Having 2 batteries really extends the range massively. I’'ve realized that e-boarding is amazing but i think i’m switching to downhill mountain biking for more excersize.

Im open to all offers for the board. I’m located in Denver, Colorado, but would be willing to ship domestically

Whats your prize range for that raptor?

Open to all offers that are reasonable. With light use (been in storage all winter) I was hoping not to take a huge loss on it

Man, category would be “Itens for sale”

Is this still available!?

LOL me too.

@ZackoryCramer It is still available. I realized the issue was one of wires coming out of the VESC had vibrated loose and I got a PCB board tech to resolder it, and I rode it in the fall. I’d come consider selling it, PM an offer and we can talk

@longhairedboy :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: