"Raptor 2.1 GTX" | R-SPEC DRIVE | FOCBOX Unity | 12S3P VTC5 | 3D printed custom enclosure

What range and speed do you get ?? Really nice build!

Tried my friend’s bamboo GT again. can confirm that it flexes a lot. not as much as the boosted but it’s not a stiff deck for your rigid battery pack.

Hi @mikenyc, yes the battery is a bit flexible. Because of the padding with felt pads around the battery, the battery do not need to be flexible as the deck anyway. After a few rides I will inspect the weldings spots for any weaknesses.

Unfortunately, the weather in germany really sucks lately. Therefore I have not tested speed and range. I expect a speed of > 50km/h (>31mph) and a range of at least 20km (12.5 miles) with the 12S3P pack. I will do a range test at the weekend but figuring out the max. speed will tricky I guess :smile:

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Hi @deucesdown, I used a Multistar High Capacity 6S 20000mAh with 20C burst. I turned the kWeld to 15-20J and put a decent amount of pressure onto the welding spots to ensure a good conductivity with less sparks.

I also tested the kWeld with old 18650 cells and noticed significant differences. Welding VTC5 work fine but some old china cells dont. Even with higher joules the nickel don’t stick to the cells.

Furthermore I had problems with nickel coated strips. I highly recommend to do a scratch test to ensure that you got pure nickel strips. Just scratch a piece of nickel and put it in water over night. If your see rust, you got steal with a nickel coat. This is bad for welding and no suitable for high current applications.

Welding 0.3mm nickel turned out a bit tricky but it’s definitely possible. I did some breaks because the anodes and even the battery got hot.

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Hmm, how can you inspect the welds under the shrink wrap and padding?


I will open up the shrink tube and remove the padding. After inspecting I will close it up again :wink:

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I feel like the nickle would pass his initial testing. and then the real world torture of potentially(not making fun of anyone, just thinking realisticsally) heavier people bouncing up and down on them… I dunno if I would trust the check after just a few rides

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yeah, that’s going to break down over time. not criticizing the packs construction – i just don’t think it’s appropriate for a deck with that much flex.



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show off! !

I can’t take credit haha, it’s Hyperion2s work, great job Ben

Hopefully he finesses my pack like that huh? :wink:

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I worry about the wires that go between compartment – seems like they’re sandwiched between deck and enclosure and would be subject to rubbing.

fair point, and to be honest its not mine :crazy_face:

I guess Ill ask Ben or Cory(whoever I guess) to ensure they wont wiggle or move

image :grin::grin::grin:


I tested the board in the last days and did some adjustments. Especially the acceleration curve needed to be soften at 12S. Otherwise the kick is too hard when pushing the throttle. I made about 25km with the 12S3P pack and easiliy hit 45km/h but then I felt scared :smiley: Because of the battery frame the GTX deck is not that flexible anymore. Therefore the battery pack do not need to be flexible as well.

All in all I’m very satisfied with the result. Compared to my other builds I really have to learn to handle the power :sweat_smile:

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Will you mind sharing your acceleration curve :)?

Sure :wink: ui


Thanks man!

Do you have a link to that battery percentage reader? Where did you connect it on the unity exactly?