Raptor 2.1 NOW SOLD (for Approx £1200) - brand new in box - free 1 year warranty - free next day delivery! (uk)


Hey esk8ers!

I have for sale a Brand New Raptor 2.1 which I actually ordered along with another Raptor 2.1 board way back on the 2nd of December 2018! :astonished:

If you want a Raptor 2.1 without the extreemely long wait this could be for you! :nerd_face: Get it now & make the most out of this perfect summer weather!

I am currently riding one of the boards and can safely say enertion has done a great job! The power is awesome, It’s a neat compact design & I really couldn’t do without the kicktail!

I actually received the boards on the 24th of May but I’ve been super busy so am only just starting to advertise the board for sale now…

I can post the board out immediately via Royal Mail, UPS or Similar FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY…

Includes FREE 1 YEAR WARRANTY (until 26th Apr 2020) which can be fully transferred to the new owner & is very likely to be extended by an extra 2 months (until 26th JUNE 2020) if I sell the board asap! :grin:

Payment Via PayPal Please,

Thanks! DAN.




You can’t use royal mail. Use parcelforce via parcelmonkey. You can’t really do next day delivery either unless they order really early or you go to a post depot

Yes… please contact me… ASAP. THANKS

Hi Paul, Thanks for your interest! I have sent you a private message… Sorry for the delay! :grimacing::+1:

Thanks for the Tip Anubis!

Sorry Parcel Force is what I meant by Royal Mail as I thought they were basically the same company etc. :thinking: Thanks for pointing that out.

I actually just completed a quick quote via Parcel Monkey & the ParcelForce prices are showing at a 10th of the price compared to the quotes given via the Royal Mail site directly which makes me believe that the ParcelMonkey prices are not accurate for the Raptor???

The Parcel will however most likely be sent via UPS as the prices are much more reasonable etc… :sunglasses::+1:

For anybody else interested; Local pickup is also available & I have now double checked prices for Worldwide Shipping so this should also be OK. :nerd_face:

They are. Parcel force via royal mail is a disgusting scam, they charge 10x the prices. You can ship pretty much any board, even a trampa, for under £15 COLLECTED from your house… Just use parcelmonkey, hell you don’t even need a label. Its £8 via dhl on ebay aswell… Source: I used to repair boards a lot, and used parcel monkey most of the time. You can also get a parcelforce business account and its only £9 to ship a board.

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Ohh nice! Thanks for the info! I will keep this in mind & double check the prices etc…

They don’t make things simple nowadays ay! :unamused: haha

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