Raptor 2 affiliate program and links?

Hey, since the Raptor 2 has been out for a couple hours, a couple people have used my link, but it isn’t showing up. Does anyone know when these referrals update? Wouldn’t want to lose $100!

Want to know about this aswell, nothing is showing up on my email. Does it take some time for it to be registered to my account?

Think it needs time to update. Has anyone got their dollars in paypal account yet?

Ok read from ne print 270days

Has anyone received any affiliate rewards dollars yet now that delivery had started. Waiting. @onloop Timing and followup.

No. I haven’t. I don’t recall if I inserted my PayPal or something… have you?

I think you give your paypal when you sign up to do it. Wonder whether they will pay up. Sceptical. I have 4

Yeah. I hope they pay out soon and we hear something at least. @onloop

Unfortunately, we can’t pay the affiliate payment until everyone has the boards delivered. otherwise if people cancel we lose money.


Hi! Thank you for being part of our Affililate program! Please have a read of our Help Guide article for affiliates, as it should answer most of your queries.


If there’s anything that isn’t answered there, feel free to get in touch with our 24/7 live Customer Support team!

Enertion help info actually says from after 90 days from the buyer receiving it. Shouldnt as you say the payment should be made from when they have it. Waiting another 90 days is a long time. Given the delay of shipping already by over 2 half months.


Unfortunately, this has always been a stipulation with the affiliate program’s Terms and Conditions, ever since it began.

The goods news is that hopefully we have more boards going out to customers very soon!

Its a long wait but first affliate referral payment has been made. Thks Enertion

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thanks for update… £55 if and when I get mine

Buyer has to keep it for 90 days. I waited a year and a half. Plus. Doesnt help that Enertion take forever to supply product.

Yeah I also got a couple, but a while back

did anyone actually ever get paid from this?? I notice that the affiliate program is now over and the links have gone dead, I never received a cent.

I got paid a couple referrals, and lost one. You should contact Adrian.

@lowGuido @ArmandR Hi Dean, I recieved 2 payments the last being 2/8/18. After much hassling about payment. Supposedly some change in how the process was to be done. I had to request it directly with Jason.

Now as you say the link to affliate program is dead. Ive emailed Adrian CS. Will see what he says. Im sure I still had a few buyers, but no pending payment. 90 days to clear from ther delivery date.I think I joined like 2 years ago. Way to much time to give them before they need to pay. If the sale goes through and they send item they should pay. It takes them forever to forfill R2s.

By the way. Nice uploads on Youtube.

I’m due one payment…not heard anything

"This affiliate program has been deactivated by the owner. LeadDyno is no longer providing affiliate services for this domain.

If you need have questions regarding any payouts or other issues, you can contact the owner at [email protected]."

Email sent.

@Smithster Hot Topic. I dont believe Ive received any email about the program being discontinued. When did you get that email?

Suspect remaining payouts will not be honoured. Theres no way now of knowing what payments are left. I do have some emails of purchases. One recently as this year.