Raptor 2 / Battery transportation


I pre-ordered a Raptor 2 a few days ago. Traveling many times a year to Greece from the UK -and always having the possibility of moving back for good-, being able to transfer the board is important.

As it stands now, Space Cell is not allowed in passenger planes, as it is over 100/160W. Shipping it also requires a certain procedure, since IATA classifies it as a Class 9 Dangerous Goods item.

There are some courier companies that will accept shipping Class 9 Dangerous Goods items, however, beyond the secure packaging and warning sticker, from what I gather, it is also required that they are accompanied by a document confirming that the battery has been tested in a certain way.

Only batteries that have successfully passed the test procedures of Part III, Sub- Section 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria qualify under this exception. This is also true for so- called “OEM” or “aftermarket” batteries. Any battery manufacturer or distributor should be able to provide documentation confirming that the batteries have been so tested.

The document, looks like this: https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Certificaat-Transport-UN-3480-LiFePO4-12,8V-160Ah.pdf

The tests are described in detail here (Part III, Sub-Section 38.3):

My questions are: a) Am I right that the above is the only way to ship these batteries? Has anyone transported his space cell successfully overseas somehow? b) Is this certificate something that Enertion is able/willing to provide? If not, how is the courier company accepting it for delivery overseas? c) Is it practical to separate the cells, in groups of less than 100W i.e. and then re-assemble them, or are they welded together and would need special tools?

Appreciate any answers

While you can’t use his battery that way, there are other options if you need it to work with air travel.


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heres one of the posts about these batteries. https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=88901#p1297082

that forum will also have the threads about that battery design. they’re made for exactly what you’re looking for. although for a raptor 2, you would want 4 of them.

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Thanks that’s a fantastic post! I wonder if they would fit in the Raptor 2 battery case (probably not) and if using an unofficial battery would void Enertion’s guarantee though.