Raptor 2 Hubs Specs


I hope is the right section, does anyone have idea what are the specs of the Raptor 2 hubs? In particular I’m interested to know the diameter of the hub without the sleeve and it’s max amps


75ish kv i think and i think they can be used on 12s

Thanks! How about the motor diameter? It is 60mm?

Not sure if this helps. I don’t have a caliper here at home.

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Thanks mate! Seems is around 67mm, what a weird diameter :smile:

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70mm diameter


Oooh so about a 60mm stator? By what length?

The outside dimension of assembled motor is 70x70


Aha @onloop is on! Dude do you have any plans to everr make ghost hubs available for DIY?


He said in previous vijeio, that he has to sell with the truck probably won’t happen, and think he is too busy making raptor2.

Play them cards close my man lol theres not a lot of options out there. Hey from the sunny coast!