Raptor 2, lightly used- Los Angeles- SOLD

*update: SOLD

I have a under 10 miles Raptor 2 for sale. Comes with original box, remote, accessories, etc from enertion. I also have the email for the free upgraded urathane from enertion that I can provide to the buyer. Perfered local pick up or can charge $50 to ship in US.

How much $$$

Updated. Thanks!

Damn I payed the same and I still don’t have mine.

Pm’d you 10 char

What’s in the extras kit

Looks like a pretty good deal, especially if you’re already looking to get your hands on one. Looks like they just switched factories, so it’s probably going to be a minute. If I wasn’t already part of an old group order (at a higher price :confused:), I’d bite.