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Most powerful direct drive?

You had my curiosity but now you have my attention…


I always figured Raptor 2 would be called the Velociraptor. Look forward to more details. Looks like the deck shape with a the kicktail is similar, awesome.


that would have been a great name!


What’s the difference of a normal Raptor and putting Hubs on them like Jacob did?

Will the wheels be blue?

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It´s a Hubraptor - or a Raphuptor - or a Raptorhub


The new year brings;

New deck. New handles. New battery. New drive train. New motor controller. New hand piece. New urethane. New trucks. New technology.

2017 is going to be an exciting year.


I don’t know bout Australia but here in California and a lot of other states there’s a power limit of 1000 watts ad 20mph. Complete board companies already blatantly advertise higher power and speed and maybe they would claim its intended for private property if it became an issue, (Maybe it never does). i wonder will this have two power modes or something to keep within the limits or maybe just see what happens and add further to the power and speed claims.

In America you can do what you want I wouldn’t worry about it lol. Also do you have a link to were it states other states have this power limit. Thanks

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Any details to back up your claims?

Claiming the “most powerful” will be hard to do with a dual drive hub motor board when acton just released their plan for their 4wd board. So I’m curious if you went 4wd also (doubtful, but…).

Will your Hubs be custom made? If so, will we be able to buy just the Hubs?

A far as I know, they are. custom made. Maytech told me they were making them for enertion.

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Ya but eta is May, and if you adjust realistically production delay and unforeseen problems, it’ll probably be available in 2020, realistically. This is Enertion we’re talking about here ya know :yum::yum:


It’s true, But maybe I’ll have my complete out by then also :stuck_out_tongue:


I just hope it will be REALLY a direct drive. There is a real direct drive in testing (I forgot the name, the guy from E-toxx)

Hub motor is practical a direct drive too but it would be confusing for new people in future if we use one name for two things.

theyre illegal period in some states. I cant find a good compilation.

this is a start: https://electricscooterparts.com/laws.html but even then it’s hard to find answers.

luckily it’s now legal in cali, up to 1000watts and 20 mph at least. I’ve been pulled over twice anyway. cops dont know the laws and generally dont crack down around the country but all it takes is a scary story on the 6 oclock news and it will be the next big danger.


So… the original raptor was also illegal… in some state

yea and the boosted and gt and many others are still illegal on public roads: they’re all advertising greater speed and power than legal on the public road. they were making the boosted kickstarter ad all around san francisco while it was still illegal to ride an electric board in the state.

Where did you see a 1000wh limit? I read the law and only saw wording related to speed, which was 15mph not 20mph.

Other parts of the law:

  • must wear helmet
  • can ride in street if speed limit is <=35
  • can ride in bike trails/lanes
  • must have lights for night riding

Here’s a snippet from the law:

SOURCE: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=201520160AB604