Raptor 2 not switching off

After months of trying to get ahold of enertion to help me with my board. I’ve decided to take it on myself.

I was riding my board one day and it would not switch off. I just replaced the switch and the wire going to the connections and it still is not turning on or off it just stays on.

The fuse looks like it’s still in Tack and there’s no burn marks anywhere. Everything seems solid but it is not working what should I do?

Raptor 2 or 2.1?

It’s the original Raptor 2

Switch module is damaged. You will need a replacement which is not available anymore.

You can either buy a unity or diy it with an external switch module

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Bara. What do you mean by “switch module” just the physical button with wire or are you taking should something like an antispark switch?

I mean the switch PCB, the rocker switch is likely fine. The switch pcb/anti spark in the raptor 2 were flawed by design and tended to fail.


@barajabali my Raptor 1 Redux uses that “e-tray”. That’s going to be something fun to look forward to :unamused:.