Raptor 2 remote issue

Hi everyone, Yesterday I shut down my raptor 2. I turn on raptor 2 this morning. The nano x remote Control no response. So I replaced another brand new nano x. It work but the accelerate very slow and Throttle neutral point will give some brake. Does anyone experiences this issue before? Could someone provide the solution

Have you tried contacting enertion support? Do you have a raptor 2 or 2.1?

There’s a small switch on the back of the nano-x that when flipped up is in slow mode and when flicked down is in fast mode.

Same problem here with a brand new remote ,but i send a email to enertion support and they will replace my remote :)!

What color shows on the LED when turned on? What color shows when plugged into charger?

Is it in slow mode? You also may need to calibrate it in the tool.

Hello I have a raptor 2.1 and facing the same issue no impulse from the remote even fully charged and the impulse cut while riding … I almost died today… I contacted the support several times and no response …It’s very dangerous… I tried to calibrate the remote again no response from the remote … the remote is fully charged and show static green light… does any one can help me to fix my issue ?