Raptor 2 US/CAN demo tour 2018 (9 Stops)

Hi all! I have been posting about it on our social pages for the last couple weeks, but I know not everyone has time to check the channels.

Enertion is doing a US/CAN Tour soon! We’ll be covering 9 cities, including the Esk8 Renegade event in Vegas next month.


The following is our event itinerary:

SEPTEMBER: LA - Sept 15th San Francisco - Sept 16th Chicago - Sept 18th New York City - Sept 22nd Toronto - Sept 29th

OCTOBER: Montreal - Oct 6th Vancouver - Oct 14th San Diego - October 18th And finally Las Vegas, where we will be joining the Esk8 Renegade event. Oct 19th-21st.

Full event info on fb: https://www.facebook.com/enertion.boards/ (Go to events tab)

Jeff from Enertion will be joining me for the first two (LA,SF) and last two (SD,LV) events, so if you want to meet the guy who created the focbox unity, this is your chance.

Bara, our head repair agent will be joining the Chicago event (naturally).

We’ll also be joined by the LaCroix crew in New York and Montreal, if there’s anyone also interested in meeting those guys as well!

There will be some small prizes to give out and we’ll also be organising night rides throughout the tour closer to the day of the events (or maybe even on the day).

Let me know if you’ve got any questions. Cheers!


Golden Gate Park, SF 1pm-4pm Sunday 16th I may have to drop by, thanks for the information.

sweet as, look forward to seeing ya! We’ll be there for an hour or so at the beginning then heading out for a ride, so make sure you’re on time!

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Wish you guys would come to Florida there are quite a few fast boards and Raptors down here.

You guys know where in Toronto the meet will happen?

Never mind I just found out from their website…lol…stupid me …

I won’t be able to make it to SF unfortunately, I have dog duties…image



I did purchase a raptor 2 and happy with the purchase so far. It’s didferent than my DIY board. Raptor has great starting torque and it was fun riding hub motors vs belt motors. The brakes are touchy but strong. Have a fun ride

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All good man! SF went off it was great, i think about 35 people showed up for the demo and most came riding afterwards.

Very cute Doggo family btw

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I’m at chelsea piers, where da f is everybody?